The Church, a snob bed and breakfast in Naples

The Church is quite a lazy and snobbish bed and breakfast in Naples: here the service is reduced to zero, you can help yourself and enjoy the beautiful spaces.

The Church is a bed and breakfast in Naples where you can enjoy a unique mix of history, architecture, design, urban nature: visit our extra services to get the best out of Naples.

We also offer you a place where you can do nothing: don’t be afraid to watch, feel, enjoy, you will never get bored. Slow down in this hectic yet incredibly dense town relaxing in our huge rooms. All of them look out on the magnificent inner court of Palazzo Marigliano, where you wake up with tweets and chirps.

Superior Ensuite with Terrace

Some need more privacy and comfort, others focus on the room size or decoration. You might choose the Superior Ensuite with Terrace, probably our best solution, but we love this one no more nor less than the other rooms. We find kind of interesting the view you have from the furthest part of this terrace. And the succulent plants on the wall, please water them.

Deluxe Double (private external bathroom)

As The Church is in a Renaissance Palazzo, some bathrooms are outside the rooms according to the original plan and there is no possibility we can move them in. For instance, we could have called this room Sweet Naples or Bella Capri or Blue Room, we rather called it Deluxe Double with Private External Toilet.
Because the bathroom is outside.
And outside.
Hope you like it.

Family Suite

You might finally opt for our Classic or Basic. If you would like to stay in our rooms in Naples, eventually pay a little less yet enjoy all the common spaces and the terraces, consider the idea of choosing our external shared toilet double rooms: we only have two of them sharing one toilet.

If you don't want to relax
please don't come to our bed and breakfast.

Reasons not to sleep at The Church, a reduced yuppie rate b&b

The Church is a bed and breakfast in Naples on the 4th floor of the most famous Neapolitan Renaissance Palazzo, a flat without any elevator.

The Church is an island of silence in the centre of Naples, well known to be chaotic, with bad drivers and worse taxi drivers. If you fear any of these points, please do not make any reservations.

This bed and breakfast in Naples is not a hotel!

We like people. Singles love The Church as it is easy to make new friends. Couples love it because it’s a romantic bed and breakfast in Naples. Most of our guests are looking for something different, they care about fun with nice accommodating people who can laugh. Don’t get us wrong, if you are not in the mood to relax please wait before coming, there’s plenty of time!

We made The Church thinking that it could be for anybody. Truth is that there are people who don’t want to feel at home, so let’s be clear:

We do not serve breakfast;
we give you linen and towels, you will use them properly without wasting money, water, detergent;
no waiters here to mistreat, you are not clients, you are guests;
we don’t pretend smiles, we smile for your smiles.

If you don’t want to relax please don’t come to our bed and breakfast in Naples. We’re happy to listen if you have something to tell us, if you prefer to listen we can tell you about Naples. If you like silence nobody will bother you. Want to get lost? Naples is ready to swallow you. If you have a guitar, play it.
Help us combine your bed and breakfast in Naples with the home we love.

The Church might be your bed and breakfast in Naples, once again please choose one of our different accommodations should you need more privacy.