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Naples Social Dinner

Naples Social Dinner

They call it nowadays with this fashioned word social dinner but in fact Naples is one of those towns in which the table is the place par exellence: rather than having social dinners, here at The Church Naples we focus on 2 cooking classes, a lunch session and a dinner session.

Many famous Italian dishes come from the Neapolitan culinary tradition. This tradition saw the professional chef working for the Borbonic Kings demand from ignorant, poor mothers the most exquisite recipe.
The cuisine of Naples has a variety of dishes for any food lover. It probably only rivals Sicily for the tops among regional food in Italy.  With flavors from the sea, and ingredients enhanced from the sun and soil.  There’s something for every taste: seafood, slow-cooked, succulent, sweet, simple, fussed-over, fried, and of course, pizza for the pizza lover.

Mozzarella, Crocchè di Patate, Parmigiana di Melenzane, Pasta e Fagioli, Pasta from Gragnano and Ragu, Gnocchi alla Sorrentina are typical dishes from Naples, but here at The Church we try to use our local ingredients to create new ideas and compositions.

Ingredients: curiosity, talks, some terrace freshness, a guitar if you can play, fine Mediterranean food.
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naples social dinner

Naples Social Dinner: make it cooking class  

Social dinners are a great way to meet new people and experience a delicious evening: here at The Church bed and breakfast in Naples we prefer to share our two or three knowledges about our tradition and organize cooking classes to have fun and eat together.
To join one of our cooking classes simply click one or both these links and discover our lunch session and dinner session.

Naples Social Dinner: what is it about

Our cooking classes are a casual dining experiences featuring creative cuisine, handcrafted dishes and approachable wines with a strong focus on genuine hospitality. Socially minded in both food and philosophy, we strive to utilize recycled & earth friendly materials and source locally to support our community’s continued growth. Sit down, relax, and turn your naples social dinner into a great cooking class!