italian cooking class

Naples Cooking Class


We have turned our real passion for food into a full experience.
Write to us for dates and prices, join our Italian cooking class, discover the real Neapolitan food by getting lost in our markets, then come here to The Church to cook and eat together.

Chiara Cianciaruso is a globetrotter chef.
She travels the seven seas cheffing around in restaurants, hotels, museums and mega yachts, she comes back the most she can to her home port Naples.
Skilled in japanese or thai or french approaches, here at The Church Chiara focuses on local tradition.
Her contribution to The Church is a total experience. It includes tasting and shopping in the craziest Neapolitan market and a full day Italian cooking class. Let her introduce you to a tasty corner of our home!


Raph Regan is our eclectic music and food artist and former owner at different restaurants between Norway’s capital, Oslo and his native city of Naples, where he moves in 2015 to start several projects in the city’s thriving food business.
Fed up by the constraints of the restaurant circuits, he throws all limitations and routines out of the window. His goal is: total freedom away from standardized dining experiences. His idea of cooking focuses on vegetables by drawing on his experience in a biodynamic farm in Oslo, “neglected” fish – highly flavorsome and rich in taste and tradition – and sustainable ingredients farmed naturally or in the wild. He is also very keen on food fermentation processes and is continuously experimenting with preservation techniques to develop new, spontaneous flavors.


italian cooking class


First of all you can hop on our lunch session, a 3 hours cooking class (10.30 – 13.30) which will get into the Neapolitan roots of many Italian great dishes.
You will enjoy a rather typical Mediterranean lifestyle. This class is indeed suitable for amateurs, food enthusiasts and those who want to discover a 3000 years old town by tasting our deli’s. Let’s buy all the ingredients together and design the menu with all the best and freshest products.
Lazy walk soaked into the colourful Pignasecca Market. One hour market tour. Two hours hands-on cooking class immerged in the pure Renaissance Palazzo Marigliano with its terraces and beautiful landscape, refreshing drinks, 3 courses lunch. Extra: recipe booklet of the session.


You can also opt for a dinner session suited to very keen cooks, professional chefs or those who simply want to enjoy a fabulous landscape while learning about Italian food.
This class will introduce you to a 4 courses modern & traditional Neapolitan dinner: antipasto, primo, secondo and dessert. Prepping, cleaning, chopping, slicing, shredding and finally cooking: a three hours hands-on cooking class + enjoy a sweet terrace surrounded by the beautiful 3000 years old Neapolitan landscape with refreshing drinks, a relaxing dinner and a recipe booklet to take home. After the main preparation you will plate your own dish and we are going to eat all together enjoying wine, music and the marvelous landscape of Naples by the terrace.


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We live on the terrace of the most beautiful Renaissance building in Naples.
One loves cooking, the other eating.
We both love Naples and its secrets: come and visit so we can share them. Maybe during a sweet Naples Cooking Class.